About Us

Welcome to TrendyGal


TrendyGal is a global online store boasting high quality clothes and other fashionable accessories. We aim to offer our customers a variety of the latest and most fashionable clothing. Our mission is to bring heart to commerce and become the better origin of fashion inspiration.

Perhaps you’re bored of hanging out and totally want to avoid embarrassment among others who happen to dress in the same style and color. Or if you’re on your way to look for something new, then you’re at the right place. We TrendyGal provide the latest (almost daily) clothing in women’s fashion from the high-streets of New York, Dallas, Paris, London, Shanghai and Tokyo at a favorable price.

Consumer’s benefits are always the top priority of the starting points of our jobs. This is why we restlessly center on perfecting shopping atmosphere and user experience for our customers. Have more fun and experience a different shopping way.

We here at TrendyGal constantly search for and handpick new, fresh and inspiring products. We offer good value based on our vendors per quality, price, reliably, delivery and excellent service reviews. We are committed to bringing our customer (you) the best value we can. We are committed to offering reliable delivery, and personal service with a big –pink-thumbs-up-256